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as all this talk about bringing hanging back which I think thay should for terrorists an eye for an eye

January 24, 2015

PTDC0153PTDC0157PTDC0156I personally think the one of the worst things this country ever did was abolish capitall punish ment it was a deterrant to say you kill then expect the concquences of your action after all who has the right like in resont times of whats happened why shoulnt they be put to death in stead of laungwishing in the nick for these realle bad offences and to make matters worse to show them on the news talk about promoting there course as we  know television is the most powerfull medium in the world and in my view its totally irisponible to let this persons voice be heard let alone seeing pics of this devil worshipper be seen on our screen s if you remember the times of the other militant factions when it was shown on tv the personsvoice was blanked out but yet this one who is worse is shown pranceing around on the tv and speaking PTDC0154PTDC0152 not excepitble the same should apply more so in this case heres some all turnatives forms of punishment that through the years was used in an act of detairant and used to punish these perpertrators , also at the time was in use the old ducking stool the rack .as well as interagationby bright lights .after all you do the crime you pay the time thay should thank there lucky stars im not in politics I would not torrirate this softy softy approach thay have regarding these bunch of devil worshippers and there sick acts we need a government who will have to balls to come down on these indervissialls and hard

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