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so lets go to an adbreak on theres more to life than heaven and earth dynnargh ,welcolme falite .croeso

January 24, 2015

PTDC0445PTDC0445I allways wonderd why gays don’t have a catalogue so lets take a light hearted look if there was one available it would proberly bee something like this after all its yet to seen on our screens a gay advert ammagine that so buy now pay in September home shopping costs less costs less with g.a.y,s with easy  felxy plans of 38 wks and 56 wks  with g,a.ys.  catalogue its the book to see with great offers or you can go into any of our stores so what you wateing for  also adder and co the advanced pay day loan serice that you can look at our slider decide what you want to borrow and on approveall subject to  approval from our team of experts the money could be sent to you in 23 hours so applie today we don’t take the hiss were no snake in the grasss weallways make sure our numbers add up with our compective rates so get on the ladder of our loans to day got our number we adder it all up or course I must point out these are just faniticy adverts not realle ones have a great day now so until the next time don’t you wish your boyfriend or girlfriend had lips like thses don’t you ?the british stiff upper lip is as stiff toaday as its allways beenPTDC0160PTDC0159as for nessy I bet he shopps in icedland PTDC0158

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