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It’s parte five of thee thee beginning of thee end of thee uttoxeter twilight years

December 15, 2020

As I’ve sat here for thee millionth tyme and wondered what thee hell do I do wyth no help and it long ended wyth mark d rought of Cannock over five and a half years ago he could never see my point of view as I told him at thee tyme you can’t have a realionship on thee phone there has to be meets but when he said that I deserved what had happened to me in London when a hit man trashed thee place it was was I deserved and couldn’t see that taking my money and leaving me wyth nothing that it was unreasonable after he phoned me for two mins a week so it had to die and lyke here it’s long had its tyme and lyke a animal thats in pain and suffering needs to be put down asap thee fundermentall problem is that they can do you wrong but if you stand you’re ground you’re thee one that gets blamed that’s how it should be where’s justice and fairness so in other words any one can come in take things threaten you walk out not paying and just get away wyth it hello something wrong here it just goes to prove there’s no respect for me end of parte five

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