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So let’s return to thee tottenham years back to November 1994

December 16, 2020

I haven’t long mooved to london from experacing thee Braintree years at thee tyme Ted was in my lyfe and called around to see if I wanted any help he came in wyth his partner and we had a cup of tea while lyke all men wanted to stroke my pussy any way beeing public school type of bloke he said I hope one doesn’t mynd olde bean if one would lyke to be introduced to a couple of friends of ours and their friend Gregory whom is from Norfolk and it would be absolutely spiffing if one had some videos of any Anglia news programs so he could watch on TV as he missing his home land but if not olde bean ones got one in our car of look East so he.wont get home sick oh one suppose so olde chap if one simply must as I think it would be a absolute hoot to watch as Ted said oh absolutely spiffing jolly Goode show as he went down thee stairs and brought up thee video 2000 for my Phillips video player we soon continued to chat when thee door bell rang as we both went down thee stairs Ted said oh one thing olde thing Gregory can be a bit wild I see I said I’ll make sure I don’t annoy him after Ted wouldn’t be simpely not british now would it as Ted was holding my pussy as I went to thee door I could hear this sound of gobberling as I thought got a right one hear as I opened thee door there was these two chaps wyth this Norfolk turkie on a lead all hell hell broke loose and as they came in my pussy flew out of Ted’s arms and thee turkie went mad as it gobberling as we all tryed to catch it as my pussy had one of its tail feathers in his mouth evenchally Simon and his mate Paul got hold of thee bird and we all went up stairs and Ted introduced every one and Gregory Sat on thee sofa between them as ted put thee TV on as this bird wyth it’s beady eyes watched thee news look East as I said any one for tea and cake oh I say olde thing what a jolly Goode show as I made thee tea and took in thee tray Simon said of can Gregory have his in a saucer as that would be absolutely spiffing and he lyked lots of milk as Gregory drank thee tea it was soon tyme for them to go after they said they keep Gregory inside most of thee tyme as they left they said tally how it’s often we must go and then Ted and his partner left a few weeks went by and I said to Ted how they wyth Gregory was getting on.but Ted said Simon was having an affair and was cought wyth his pants down so for revenge Paul let out thee turkie and it got ran over in Edmonton where they lyfed and Paul cooked it for his tea as Simon eat it after wards he said where my gregory he said you eat him and have you got a lyghts boy he said so they spilt up thee following christmas Simon brought a new one and they mooved a long way from London Ted said but as he said what Paul did was simply not British

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