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As my husband and I did our fyre repair together well I held thee wire and cut my self on it beeing sharp as my husband said pull thee olde wire out of thee fyre wife there was blood every where but my husband got thee TCP and put some on my finger .

January 13, 2021

When we had our electric fyre repaired we asked for five foot but only got one foot so it wasn’t long enough so we had to use thee extension lead but thee fyre cable kept getting to warm so my husband said it wyll have to be replaced wyth a five foot piece after an hour wyth my guhusba curceing it he can get very hot headed but he said it’s men’s work men’s business missus noubt for thee to worry about and at last he got it done but I also broke a finger nail but he’s lyke a creshire cat wyth a big grin in his face as he said told you it was a mans job lass and here he is

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