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As our Tom asked what’s in thee box Jack!

January 13, 2021

Any cake I used to make untill thee cooker broke or we now buy untill my husband gets it sorted out and after thee baby belling blew thee trip switch and my husband blew an fuse but his intentions was honourable but as they sat down and discussed what to do next about it as my husband Jack and Christopher said plot business missus noubt for thee to worry about tis be men’s thinking.mens actions it’s lateral men’s work but any tea going or mead wych is lyke beer type drink it’s what men used to drink in years gone by . after a while husband says wife it’s been sorted .ok husband I have every faith in ye .as Tom says to our Jack what’s in thee box? As we catch him wyth empty cake box and a flaggon of milk and a rub of cheese and mini rolls all empty bless him and now under thee covers as my husband says little tyke but as I said he’s just a lad and Jack does have his cake and eat it

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