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Hi just a quick note to say thank you all for your get well wyshes it’s just a very bad cold thee problems wyth lyfing here is that thee place is impossible to heat it’s drafty and cold and damp and wyth three blood clots my body temperature is only 89f wych is lower than anyone else and wyth thee blood thinning tablets make me very cold in fact in thee winter months I usually am bluer than Guido is in skin let’s have a look at my husband for many years since a painting was appearently done of him in thee late 17th century wych wyth his mostache .

February 9, 2021

Over thee years many people assumed that they knew what my husband may of looked lyke there have even been ordenments made of him but in reality my husband wyth his powerful blue eyes alburn reddish beard and moustache and hair a powerful built man who would not kneel for any one he would rather scalp them first.but thee reality is that thee pics of him are thee ones that trully refect how my husband really looks lyke our pics

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 9, 2021 10:56 pm

    May I join your other well-wishers in saying I hope you will soon be feeling more yourself? Being ill is dreary enough without doing so in a cold house in the depths of winter. It is an experience with which I am familiar; my first house was like living in a poorly constructed tent. Please do take good care of yourself; my grandmother would have said you need building up. Her ideas of nutrition were more cheering than scientific, and I’m sure she’d suggest you ought to indulge in another of your beautiful cakes.
    With kind regards from Susan

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