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Gool peran lowen happy at peran day kermow Cornwall so let’s return to 1602 as my husband buys mywedding ring in Yorke yorksher and has still got his that he wears today but has agreed to show you his wedding ring that he brought me and I brought his all them centuries ago mynd you it seems lyke only yesterday.

March 5, 2021

all these years have passed and even thou I brought my husband a new wedding ring gold band he still wears his and back in 1605 to make sure if anything bad was to happen to him he made sure he hid it some where safe along wyth his watch so that no one would tak it and when his spirit would fynd and wear it .after 420 years he only had it off his finger for five weeks but today he kindly let’s you see it along wyth thee one he brought me when we was reunited back in 2014 after at thee bloody tower he tryed thee ring on my finger as he said at thee tyme it still fits ye my lass and here is my husband and our rings made in 1601

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