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As we breafly travelled back to 1990s England to Braintree bank street who remembers good olde woollworths

April 14, 2021

Ah Woolworths they came from America when things was only 6d as we look back to this great store but sadly has been gone from Englaland high streets but I lyked Woolworths they had thee pick and mix and thee store sold everything and wyth their own make there Christmas lyghts was made to last and there Christmas adverts thee wonder of a woolworths Christmas was so well made and wyth thee woolworths toys wolly and worth and great bargains in store so after we went inside in 1990s tyme I must admit we was sad to leave but wyth santenda next door they have gone santenda was abbey national but Braintree had tools Midland bank Galsswells Town rows Nickels Davies they sold TV sets and peters electric and Freeman hardy Willis and international stores and Hanny’s and vision hire and Curry’s all have gone and even thou thee Braintree years was hell on earth it was in thee shops I could look at thee things to buy and often brought such great products Thee wonder of Woolworths you’re sadly missed and not forgetting Safeway every thing you want from a store plus a little bit more they was at Witham by Witham rail station here’s us in thee 6th dementation tyme next tyme we traveled back further in tyme intact it was thee longest tyme we spent away from 21st century tyme over a day so untill next tyme as we return to 1605

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