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So let’s look at society in ,21st England as we know that there’s always been disscrimation in all tyme on my fyndings in a lot of cases it would appear that wyth anyone that appears to be different people’s attitude is out of sight out of mynd it’s thee fear of thee unknown that spooks them in England Staffordshire thinking oh we don’t want to know it’s how parents have bred there own preconceptions of how what would be classed as excepible but lyfe is not black and white and sadly this is why hatred and total dissregard for people and there feelings

May 5, 2021

lets look for example in our case we put our stories on and on some web sites if some one else put nearly thee same topic on they get 85 Lykes but on ours we get one lyke mynd you we don’t give a flying f what they think but it makes our blood boil and at tymes it can be very disshartening but even thou wyth thee covid plauge has made matters worse thee problem is into days society people either lyke some one or hate them it’s all about if you’re face fits then ok but if it don’t then no matter what you do you’re doomed from thee start .many year on TV they did this program called thee changing face of Britain where in one of thee programs there was this woman who was put in a different area at a market stall she was fist in thee qué to be served but yet thee stall holders served her last it’s probably why I don’t get on here as it’s often been said you stick out lyke a sore thumb you don’t look or speak lyke thee locals and sadly this reflects in general lyfe thee thing is as thee centuries have passed in fact it’s sad to say that we have not learnt to respect other people’s feelings and we should and if we did disscrimation and hatered would be a thing of thee past but wyll we be on thee TV in thee future no it won’t be sadly we did contact thee press about our story but they wasn’t interested still as my husband says that’s there loss

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