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Extended scene deleited scene parte two from thee belling that cought on fyre as we was filming to Contraflow roads motle where we was supposed to film at thee steam fyre but as Tom said to robert where are they ?as Robert said oh they have been gone up to another tyme .

July 10, 2021

As you know when out takes happen it’s least when you expect it you can be called to another tyme or even in my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert have to go to thee sprit world to put in a report on matters of earth as on two occasions that has happened lyke when back in 2018 we was at thee stage coach stop when as we was going to our photo shoot in thee local shop we had to drop everything and return but as tyme is different in this tyme before we knew where we was back in this tyme and here’s when I helped thee gentle author at his book signing of thee London album as I to signed some of thee his book and thee belling a59 cooker that cought on Frye at secpit towers

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