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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mr Fawkes speaking ? It’s thee final parte of extra scene parte 40 as it’s thee meeting of thee toffee nosed club ok ya .

August 22, 2021

As my husband answers thee phone as Binky said I say chummy don’t forget we are coming back from thee smoky city where thee city slickers are pretty .as my husband said we are expecting you .as Binky said oh I say oh such a hoot it will be .see you at 3pm bye as my husband said as he put thee phone downe as he says Jack it’s thee toffee nosed club party we better get thee Yorke bar well stocked up wyth wine and ale as he said missuss can you make around 120 pies and sauceage rolls and christopher we need thee fondle set out and can you go to farmer Paul’s to get him to bring up some yorksher cheese and also if you can go into thee hardware store in thee shopping mail to get some methiladed sprits for thee burner ? As christopher said ok you’re thee boss .as my husband said that’s right lad as we go into thee refectory and husband and Jack moive thee tables to thee side so there’s a square of space in middle of thee room as he gets Tom and Francis to bloive up thee blue balloons and put them up in a big net from thee ceiling as I start thee breakfast as thee lads soon finesh it up as my husband said reet grand lass fit for a king .as I start to make thee pies and rolls and as thee day passes we soon are putting thee food out and then it’s tyme for me to put on my cocktail dress on as we returned to thee reception husband and Jack in their dark blue suits and me in my black dress as thee quests arrive and soon everyone is in thee refectory as they chat to each other as Mr blaggord and Mr cad say to me bounder about thee trouble they had trying to get thee horse’s started at thee horse show as Mr platform said I couldn’t find thee place where you put thee key in to Stratford thee nag and there’s no brakes it’s not lyke thee five by four and they go to 69in ten minutes such a hoot Mr Topping said as he joined thee conversation as Binky said oh stinkers and pongo over here olde beans glad to see you’re wearing thee true blue tie it’s simply spiffing and so British ok yar as soon it’s everyone to go to their rooms after a night of drinking and eating as my husband said team another well done night as we go to bed end of parte 40

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