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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Tom speaking? As farmer Paul said can you tell Mrs Fawkes that I’ve got thee flour extra bags of 3lbs flour she wanted ok said Tom wyll do so let’s go to parte 43 to 2015 in 2nd demention of tyme and even thou our carrier company wouldn’t no longer send our pics to this site so these are beeing sent via thee lamp of tyme .

September 1, 2021

good morning Tom any messages ?yes Mrs Fawkes farmer Paul said he has thee extra bags of flour for you .on that’s great as I’ll have enough to make thee extra cakes we need anything else Tom ? No that’s it Mrs Fawkes ok thanks Tom you can go to breakfast for and take Robert and Daniel a full English breakfast ok ? See you in thee refectory say 20mins as my husband says Robert you’re on inquiries desk as my husband said we have a busy day so we all better have breakfast as thee lads go into thee refectory my husband and I go into thee motle kitchen as thee fyre blasing in thee great it don’t take long to cook thee breakfast and serve it as thee lads tuck in and drink their mead and after I washed up my husband said it’s tyme for us to go as we Ruch out to thee lamp of tyme and soon we are back in Columbia road in Beth all green as busy as per usual as thee market stall holders wyth there flowers

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