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as thee dramic events of yesterday we never make a statement unless we can back it up here’s thee log of thee two calls I made to 999 emergency as to day we went to post my ungrateful mother her food parcel they was all out side and one laughed and said we wish we could of seen you’re face when he forsed his way in and laughing even more people to day are to cruel and hateful here so after loads of discussions gudio has requested help from thee spirit world and this tyme any more of this they will be armed so it will be ghosts on patrol until we can fynd somewhere else to live after all everyone has this attitude out of sight out of mind and it doesn’t matter it’s only her but thee irony’s is that it does doesn’t it ? Why should I have to put up wyth all this all thee tyme but yet no body lifts a finger or two to help and that simply is not good enough

November 12, 2021
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  1. Susan permalink
    November 12, 2021 6:25 pm

    I do wish you could find another place to live, someplace you could feel easier and less stressed. There are certainly unpleasant people everywhere, but you seem to have found yourself with a generous supply. Do you have a local library? That may seem a mad suggestion but I was the director of the library in our little town. I and the ladies who worked with me, were often able to at least direct people in difficult situations to the proper agencies to assist with various sorts of situations. In general, for all my life, I have found libraries helpful, welcoming places, and a source of real solace. It might be a place for you to start, anyway……I do I wish you luck.

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