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As we all know that today’s world we eat our dinner and dessert separate but even though in our household it’s two hot dinners a week wyth everything keep going up and up and up from food that’s if you find any to high power bills engaland from us poor prepective is more highly taxed than since thee 1950s it’s a luxury to lyfe these days shops have no vegetables on thee shelves as thee toffee nosed lot go in their electric automobiles

January 27, 2022

and buy thee lot as for us its making do but what of yummy food what we eat at king Henry’s banquets ah snowe pudding full of cream and hot pies and bred my husband and Jack and Chris favourite venison and custarde pie thay was thee days but we all lyfe wyth troubled tymes wyth thee plaugue as it mutates in different ways and just lyke in thee 1500s we have to lyfe wyth knowledge to lyfe for today and let tomorrow take care of it’s self

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