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As we finally said goodbye to our cooker collection as at last we managed to finally put thee tricity cooker that went through tyme as you may remember that a couple of Christmases ago thee local electric shoppe wired it up wrong so my husband said that if we could push it through 10th demention of tyme and here it is as for this place it’s thee beginning of thee end we want this ongoing situation ended after all there’s nothing left no reason to stay it’s lyke a dog that’s olde in pain and wyth everything that’s trainspired wyth lies biggorty and hate from hate notes to many occasions trying to get us out of here and a lot of people that’s got a great deal of explaining to do

February 6, 2022

Thee fundermentall question is that thay have passed thee buck and not got off their fat pompous jacksea and done nothing to sort this situation out yet again on Wednesday they are doing a visit I warned them last tyme you keep on and we wyll charge you£25 to enter we don’t lyke people keep coming in and wyth thee covid plaugue it makes me feel uneasy not only that thay let all thee heat put make a mess put their noses into things that don’t concern them and Guido’s ready to chuck them out through thee I’ll fitting drafty door covered in black mould And yesterday we watched Tottenham v Brighton Tottenham who won 3_0 king Harry Kane wears thee crown and was electric Eric Dire didn’t play thee game

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