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So now tis be tyme for parte two next to comeuth and say hi is thee dashing Robert Devereux you know him as thee earl of Essex born on thee 10th of November 1566 Bromyard he wance was thee favourite of queen Elizabeth first and he took an army to fight thee good fight in cadize in Spain in his childhood he after loosing his parents was taken in by thee earl of sailsbury and Robert and their son became lyke brothers Robert who could charm thee Byrd’s out of thee trees became close to thee queen Elizabeth first but then thay had a furious row and Robert by then had started his own spy net work and took and recruitment of his brothers people thee little munchkin thee queen Elizabeth first called him after Robert turned his back and walked off from thee queen in 1601 he coused a rebellion against thee queen thee stand off resulted in him loosing and was captured and put to death and lastly at thee bottom of thee stairs our farther Henry Garnet whom was born in Heanor Derbyshire in 1555 he became head of thee jusuits in England a very nice pleasant man he’s a good singer and can play most musical instruments from thee tyme sadly poor Henry was sent to thee londinum tower of Londinum and on 3rd of may 1606 at st Paul’s was sentenced to death end of parte two

March 19, 2022
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