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As We get ready to trim our hovel wyth this year’s Easter decorations but did you know that thay originally came from thee new world of Canada

April 12, 2022

as i thought I’d put my Easter bunny rabbit stockings on as my husband and Jack and Chris started to put together thee Easter decorations honey comb balls but things didn’t go to plan as my husband and Jack and Chris said very nice legs as Jack said thoust douth say beloved them of thee flesh and blood don’t know what thay missed and just because thay wasn’t interested in you it’s their loss and our gain .as king Henry thee 8th arrived and smiled and said beloived Jayne thoust douth say that thee hasuth always had great legs .thank you you’re magisty I said you can all have a cuddle as my husband and Jack said can we have more wyth their strong powerful sword fighter arms around me and wyth my husband and Jack and Chris their powerful blue eyes and king Henry wyth his brown eyes that look reet through thee but as I said I suppose we can await till tomorrow for thee decorations to be finally put up

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