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As we return to Londinum December 9th 2014 and my reunion wyth my husband and Thomas wintour and Robert thee earl of Essex and farther Henry Garnet and John Garrard as you know that in 1605 all was sent to thee londinum tower but at thee day of thee trail in January 1606 My husband knew that he would have thee last laugh on little Jimmy and many centeries later he and Thomas wintour and Jack and Chris kit Wright and Robert catesby and father Henry Garnet and John Garrard and Robert thee earl of Essex would return

April 18, 2022

as my husband said thus douth say that on thus said day that you and us are of two worlds wife and now we hasuth returned there is nothing stronger than love on earth and is heaven above thee link we forged all them centuries ago is stronger than ever as father Henry Garnet said you did well Guido Thee passion of Christ and for me it would change my lyfe for ever happy bank holiday Monday

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  1. April 18, 2022 7:25 am

    Happy Easter.

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