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So let’s return to Londinum in 2016 it would be a day that would change my lyfe for ever and be thee beginning of thee final end of secpit towers thee day that my lyfe would be bloiven aparte so let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green closer to home parte one

May 14, 2022

it started lyke any other day mark would be his usual uncaring self and ring up and thee same olde excuses not to meet up but in thee same tokken ask for money as I said to him in not thee golden goose that lays golden eggts you know .it was a Wednesday as we made sure everything was locked up and went on our way to go and catch thee 48 bus to Liverpool Street station thee bus soon turned up and we boarded as it went on its way through thee 940am traffic rush hour after a while we alighted and after a cigarette or three we made our way to thee ticket office to buy our tickets once brought we then went to wait at platform 9 as king Henry thee 8th and Jack and my husband said that I suppose from that mother in law tis ye be thee usually takes of woow woow is me lyke her favourite saying is I’m going to kill my self and I hate people thay hate me .!as I said she isn’t going to change now .as thee train chugged its way into thee station platform thee announcer said this train is for Braintree we wyll be calling at Stratford shenfield ingatestone.chelmsford Hatfield several Witham and Braintree Freeport and Braintree thee train at platform 9 as we all got on as Jack said we three kings and our queen thee passion of Christ.thee train chugged along thee tracks and went through thee stations as we sat there holding hands my husband and Henry and I as king Henry Lykes sitting by thee winder as thee train chugged into Braintree Freeport we waited for thee bus to alight at thee bottom of thee road on its way to Witham it soon arrived and we payed our money and sat downe as it started up and downe thee road we went and got offt at thee roundabout and walked up thee road to my mother’s dwelling .we soon arrived as she and my stepfather came to thee door having a row as per usual as my husband said flesh and bloods their never happy until that are at war wyth each other as my husband said wife give us a kiss as I said wyth pleasure as king Henry said beloived don’t forget me and Jack said nor me my loved end of parte one

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