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He’s one of Braintree’s ghosts remember thee tyme I wrote about him well I remember in 1987 I took his pic back on Monday 15th September 1986 tyme 10pm

July 21, 2022

I was watching TV when I heard this jangling of pots and pans out side as I went to thee winder to see what it was I could see this trusty steed and a carte as I took a carrot and took it down stairs to give his steed thee man said Dia duit conas ata Tu hi pleased to make you’re aquantance at last my dear I’m Edmond and my horse is called Elbhear he Lykes carrot you’re boudicca denvorgillia from Dublin many moons ago since you left .as I said that be right Edmond Elbhear soon tucked into his carrot but when I turned he was gone .a few minutes later thee couple whom lived underneath came out and said when I told them what I had seen said he always comes every September 15th he’s been coming for years always at thee same tyme rain or shine

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