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dynnargh.failte.welcolme this is part 4 or633of the storys that didnt quite make the blog and the story of harry the hare part 2 let go back to 1986ane once again to thous braintree years

June 9, 2013


once upon a time in time not that long ago in the scheme of things at plainsfield on the grass outside in march as its time to see harry the hare as he comes out to play with out a hair out of plce as he stopps and his little face with long whiskers twitching how long there are with his long legs morning harry how are you as i get closer for a better veiw as he pauces for a while and stares at me is that a smile i see and like a busy bee hes gone like a flash .in the disstance i can see his mate looks like old harry has a date as they meet and they stand on there feet with there paws in the air and fists up high its like they could tough the sky if only they could talk as i wonder why what would they say as they put there ducks up for another day as i see the other one run away .as harry runs up and down like hes won the title crown as his long legs dont touch the he stopps once again in frount of me well harry you are such a bussy bee arent thee .with his big brown eyes on glissening on full show after he put on his show for all to see the king of the walk is he as he once again goes on his way i wonder how many miles he travels in one day as i go in side good bye harry untill the next time you travel this way .dont forget to say hi now wont you and take your bow hair to day gone tommrow

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