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the finall closing chapters number 37 beidh selintach gear cabidii duw genes due reyars as i look back at christmas at the garden center at gramhornes back in the 199os

May 8, 2014

I was reaplieing to an email from miss libby as she said her big wiilys gone back to the land of the great the she said that she was a bit down so her friends took her and her little dog pip to one of the garden centers  I must admit I found libbys willy very charming man and he brought me a moose badge and it remained me about the time in Braintree I went to vist the local gramphornes garden center near to the town which had not long been opened to the public with there Christmas fare with life sized annimals reeeindeer hullo my dear .and they moved just like reall ones with penguins and big 7ft or 8ft tree with all the different colored sized balls you could see if you please .with fairy lights some in white to brighten your tree on the cold winters night and some for out side and even your own santa claws you could put out from the ground which stood 10 ft tall some that blew up thed had it all as well as the potted Christmas trees from 3ft to 8ft some green some grey blue as well as the artifissiall trees some was in white too as well as the smell from the indoor coffee shop of freash cakes and coffee too with so much too see and do with big gold fish forsale as well as pussy and dog food with beds for your mogs and biggerns too for you pooch to say to them this is your Christmas preasants too with trees gallour and treets too and before I knew where I was it was closing time as I set off on my way tring to dodge the the insults as I went on my way

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