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So let’s return to Guidos life and mine back in York in thee 1500sfor me it seems like it was yesterday but it was over 400years ago

November 19, 2019

Guido then as now wyth our teleaphathic link between us so he had a great sence of humor he then licked his food like snowe it was a pudding and gynger70996107_2304695009860949_2733502768416292864_n tarte so how was snowe made what you need to make it I cup of cream I TBS spoon of sugar I egg I teaspoon of water so how to separate egg e get rid of yoke stir egg white in to large bowl add creamsugar and rose water whisk until mixture will not drop off thee whisk strain to reamoove wgey if nessery serve with wafers do only whisk by hand and don’t over whisk it won’t be snowe in 1602 back then in yorkeshire how we yspped talked about dyschefull of snowes.take prttle of thycke cream and whyth whytes of eyghte egged and bests them together with a spine then putte them in you’re creame and saucerfull of rose water and a dyshfull of sugar wyth all then stycke and make it creane and cutter it thee it thee ends foure square and their with beats all thee aforesayde thynges together and ever as it ryseth take it of and put into a collunder this done take one Apple and set it in myddes of it and thicker bush of Rosemary and set it I myddes of platter then caste youre snowes upon Rosemary and fill their and yf have wafers caste some with all thus then forthe SL let’s at Yorkshire more of our sayings like this find blinnd nivver onny over power open teller lang water fatter frozzen spokken wokken or nay ah can’t thol t bradd or thamunsuupanahurrp

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