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happy christmas 2019 and a happy new year coming up thee pics of husband Guidoand i as wego like back in time to thee olde oak treea pic that mysterly appeard on my phone

December 27, 2019

and thee pics of Husband Guido and christopher Kit Wright as for three hours they thought scratched thire heads over thee pics they wanted in our 2021 callendar as Husband Guido said its mens bussness lass so untill new years eve when we will be back well as another year comes to an end as we as this decade and what a bad one its been but throughout all this trauma at least husband guy Fawkes has been by my side and wyth 8meduims who have seen us together and thee pics that are genuine but in this God forsaken county thee biggorys who’s closed world that they live in regarding who I an I would not recommend to any one like me to live in narrow minded shit hole like this in genuaral its thee ones that either have been out in thee wide world are more in lightened but thee olde biggorts no matter how you try to educate them thee battle will always be lost here and thee quicker I leave here thee better city life where people are more unlighted well its our last story on here its time to say goodbye and remember there’s more to life than heaven and earth thanks to everyone at word press for husband guy Fawkes and I our love story will always continue until I die then he will come with me guy Fawkes back in thee 16th century may not of blown up Parliament but he kept his secret so in a way it has kicked thee 17th century up thee back side and we don’t just due we come back I hope you enjoyed our true story and for us we will go on history as a marriage of all time and that love never dies80585411_2404578776539238_8807433823223545856_n80389386_2399805433683239_238348235133943808_oand this is London in 1605,back then you could be alife in thee morning but dead by after noon

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