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So as we still in lent and on Sunday it was Parm Sunday so let’s have a look at thee Easter carols .

March 30, 2021

Even thou we all know about thee christmas carols but yes there are Easter ones as well so here’s some Easter eggts Easter Eggts give them to them whom begs who’s poor and neady for Christ thee lord has risen today .thee olde ruggest cross but thee one we all know is there is a green hill far away wyth out a city wall where poor dear Christ was crusified whom died to save us all .in thee 15th century Easter carols became popular .unlyke Christmas Easter is not at thee same tyme each year but thee skool of thought is that thee tyme of Easter could be even in may but one thing’s for sure Easter is about lyfe and death that’s why we celebrate thee occasion wyth eggts

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