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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? Parte 11as thee church warden return’s from his holidays in Worcester and he’s has a lot of explaining to do so let’s return

June 14, 2021

As father Garnet sits in his study and writes his surmon as he concenolates how to finish it when a knock on thee door as he says come in Mr Adder I’ve been expecting you ! I take it you had a good tyme wyth you’re friend sir hiss ? Yes said Mr Adder but we was dissaponted wyth not getting on TV program country folder .I see said Henry Garnet .now perhaps you can explain why you booked in three funerals when you know in our religion that one is permitted on one said day .and not only that you gave permission to two ice cream sellers to park there vans on church property ? I’m sorry holy father .is that all you got to say for you’re self ? Yes said Mr Adder as he held his book in his hand .as father Garnet said and what’s this you have a present for me ? No it’s by a man called Mr Tindle from 1435 he wrote thee Bible into English language but was called thee most hated man in England .have you read it Holly father ? No cirtainly not and I don’t want to see you wyth thee book either do you understand my slippery friend or it will be burnt as I wyll not loose favour wyth Rome we use thee olde testerment in Latin not any other I wyll have to imform thee bishop about this matter in thee mean tyme for you’re pennence you wyll say 100hell Mary’s every day you wyll also clean and scrub every parte of thee church I think you wyll make a good scrubber and thee stained glass winders every day wyll be cleaned in side and out is that under stood ? But afather Garnet if there stained why do I have to clean them ? Enough Mr Adder now get on wyth you’re tasks you have been set to do .yes I wyll end of parte 11

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