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As we walked in to thee village as my husband and Jack said tyme to get thee bits of boards to do and make thee video stand for our Phillips vr2023 recorder yes husband I said .

June 25, 2021

as we went into our local wood cutting shop and asked for two bits of wood 23inches long as thee gentle said let’s see what we have as he showed us a bit 8ft high I said haven’t you got any small bits off cuts ? As we looked around and around and around we found a bit in thee back as he got his tape measure out as I said it has to be in inches after all it’s simply not British to have it in metric he soon lobbed it out to be cut on this saw thing and he carried them out to thee store as he said do you need a screw as I said you’re a bit forward what a screw on thee shop floor you naughty boy I’m a married woman .no he said we sell lots of screws do you need prozzy drive oh no I said I’m not a prozzy he said I’ll show you our big ones oh I see so you got a big one then are you bragging or complaining ? He couldn’t see my husband but he laughed as I said well you show me yours but I can’t show you mine as he said we do lots of screws here here’s a Pozzy one as I said what do they charge you or we do Phillips ones I said well it better be Phillips in grey to match our video recorder and we got wheels to put on it to match so we got our screws and wood and truffled on our way and after many years my husband and Jack have finally made thee stand and here it is as they say it’s mens work men’s business missus yes husband I said

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  1. June 25, 2021 2:29 pm

    it’s nice to read a more cheerful blog entry after the last two sad ones. I’m really sorry it is so isolated for you in Uttoxeter. I don’t know what to advise you. London I’m afraid has got more and more difficult since you left and unfortunately is becoming more and more a city that’s only for the rich. I wish you could find somewhere where you could fins a few more likeminded people whose company you could enjoy.

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