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Partetwo day two of our stay in 1536 at Placentia palace on thee river Thamesis Tuesday 22nd of June 1536

January 20, 2022

as we got out thee coach every one was in thee main hall as we went in wyth harken a fan fair as people bowed and curtseying and as king Henry held one of my hands and my husband held thee other as we looked amazed by thee eclectic array of gold items and paintings adorn ye walls and there at thee end of thee line of people was Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell .as king Henry said beloived Jayne and her party from far away lands hasuth come to stay to help wyth preparations for thee Tudor fyreworks display for Monday any one who dares to tell anyone wyll be a act of treason and wyll be put to death .as everyone looked at each other as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust looking more loved than usall let me show you and your party to you’re room Wych was this room Wych had two four poster beds in it wyth a roaring fire in ye grate on ye ground floor as king Henry said Fawkes I want a map of how you’re going to do thee fyreworks display by tomorrow morning and be in thee dining room in 30mins as I curtseying and my husband and Jack and Chris bowed as king Henry left as I said to my husband now what we going to do?what you mean said my husband ?well I’ve nothing to wear .as I knock on thee door as my husband said come in enter as this servant brought these clothes in and said his magisty hasuth said that ye and he wyll wear these clothes as I said thank king Henry and thank you as thee servent said welcome back lady Jane end of parte two

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