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Good afternoon from our 17th century studios 3000 miles from you’re planet earth as we all join together via rare play to bring you thee grand final of thee city slickers wyth city slickers eyes and us at thee Contraflow roads motle thee ads you wyll see are purely coincidental and don’t appear on your earth so let’s go straight to our studio Michael

December 21, 2022

hello everyone tuning in to our football studio hello frohe weihnachten to everyone in Germany so David a packedshow today looking foreword to it Michael so Ed do you think thee city slickers wyth city slickers eyes wyll win this tyme? Well Michael it’s touch and go as you know that thee Contraflow roads motle team are very good at winning that won thee last five games .yes Ed you’re Wright here’s comes Able good afternoon Able so what you think of you’re chances ? Well Ed and David and Michael we stand a good chance of winning .so how’s thee painting going Able well David I’m glad you asked that well as I had response from my hero’s of thee football pitch I’ve just painted our Boudicca .oh we see here comes our boudicca now so boudicca we here Able did you’re painting ?yes Michael that he did can we have a peek well lads a bit later on .so let’s go fore a quick and break back in a moment There’s nothing lyke in thee week chocs of 12soft and hard centers as you taste French tickle a rich soft caramel and then German wonder a mixture of snaps and currents underneath that soft coating of chocolate then it’s Irish delight a rich creamy taste wyth Irish cream liqueur then it’s English fancy a hard outer shell wyth walnut centre then Cornish delight a mixture of clotted cream and jam wyth hard outer shell then alpine dream a mixture of hard choc shell wyth nuts and raisins in cream liqueur.then its rich man’s supprice a mixture of champagne and soft choc centre .then it’s Henry’s wonder a hard choc shell wyth soft centre Guido York gunpowder plotte a hard choc shell wyth thick cream wyth cherry’s then it’s Canadian capers whisky in a choc shell afternoon delight a mixture of champagne and chic center barbarian cream wyth lemon and orange filling

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